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The Holocaust Web Centre has been designed to be easy to use. Although the appearance of each site differs, there are several consistent strands running through them.


The sites in the Holocaust webcentre can be accessed from the front page by clicking on the image buttons or the names of each site. This will then open a new copy of your browser so that you can view the site and come back to the web centre when you have finished.

As the sites are aimed at different user groups, they differ slightly in their navigation systems, but each site has its own help page clearly and easily accessed from every page of the web centre. If you are unsure as to how to navigate the site you are in please consult the help information on the site you are in at the time.

Feedback Forms

Throughout the site there are a number of feed back forms, to enable you to contact the centre directly through the website. These Feedback Forms use a secure e-mail system to ensure that any information you submit is secure and private.

Your information will not be given to any other organizations.

Please be aware that for security reasons we keep a log of the IP address from which you are sending the message. This is to mitigate against any unsolicited or unwanted abusive mail.


The Web Centre has been designed to work on both Internet Explorer and Netscape versions 4 or above. Some of the Sites, such as HolocaustCentre.net, will work using older browsers, but for best results please use version 4 browsers.

In some places you will need 'Real player' for the video and sound clips on these sites. This is given free with the new versions of Netscape and Internet Explorer, or a free Basic Version can be downloaded from the Real website.

Flash animation has also been used for photo albums and interactive content. In order to view this, you will need the Macromedia Flash Plugin, which comes free with new versions of Netscape and Internet Explorer, or it can be downloaded without cost from Macromedias website.

Adobe Acrobat files have also been used in places on this web Centre. In order to view these, you may need to download Adobe's free Acrobat Viewer. You can do so by clicking here.

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