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The Beth Shalom Holocaust Web Centre acts as a central hub for three distinct main sites:

Holocaustcentre.net explains the nature and purpose of the Beth Shalom Holocaust Centre, and provides the opportunity for people to access its services and become involved in its work.

Holocausthistory.net provides a modular introduction to the Holocaust in its historical context. Aimed primarily at secondary school pupils, it is useful for anyone encountering the subject for the first time.

Holocaustbookstore.net is a highly professional online retail store run by Beth Shalom, specialising exclusively in Holocaust and Genocide related books and resources. Any profits from this site are used directly to support the work of the Beth Shalom Holocaust Centre.

The Web Centre also provides a hub for Beth Shalom 'project' sites:

Aegistrust.org details the Aegis Genocide Prevention Initiative, launched by Beth Shalom's directors in 2000 to identify the causes, predict the development and prevent the incidence of genocide.

RFTF.org represents 'Remembering for the Future', a highly respected scholars' platform for the development of the field of Holocaust and genocide studies, which has now been brought under the auspices of Beth Shalom.


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